Five Ways to Pay for FLY!

Andrew KneelandPrepare to FLY

Summer might be winding down, but we’ve already got our eyes on next year! The FLY Convention is less than a year away, which means it’s time to start saving! Here are five ways to pay for your registration to the FLY Convention:

  1. Partner with your youth group! The deposit amount might seem daunting, but sometimes the best way to accomplish a goal is to come together! Ask your pastor or youth leader if you can put together a bake sale for your church. Or host a spaghetti dinner, or maybe a car wash while the weather’s still nice. Youth group fundraisers can be a great way to pay for FLY!

  2. Look for some odd jobs to raise a few extra bucks. Offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn, or take their dogs for a walk. When the snow hits you can shovel some driveways in your neighborhood! Maybe you could run errands for someone, or offer to babysit. If you’re too young you could be a “Parent’s Helper” by watching the kids in the backyard so mom can knock out a project in the house! Look for opportunities to rake leaves, wash windows or clean houses!

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask! Write support letters to friends and family, letting them know about the FLY Convention in Estes Park. Be sure to include what you appreciate about FLY and why you would like to attend in July 2019. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and church family might love the chance to bless you and help spend a week in Colorado. Another thing you could do to pay for FLY is to ask for “FLY money” for Christmas or a birthday.

  4. Find something to sell! We’ve all got a little extra clutter in our lives. You know what I’m talking about! That old game console you never use anymore, or that pair of skates that don’t fit you anymore, or gently-used clothing that you’ve out-grown. Or, make some bracelets or cards that you could sell to raise money for FLY.

  5. Save a little bit at a time! Start putting away a little bit each month so that the registration deadlines don’t catch you by surprise. Another great way to save money is by registering early! Visit this page to learn more about registration for FLY.

Don’t let finances keep you from a wonderful week in the mountains of encountering God through His Word and learning from the great I AM. Pray for the FLY Convention, pray for your classmates, and pray for whom you can invite to come with you to Estes Park!