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The FLY Convention® is pleased to offer online registration. Parents will be asked to sign for permission electronically, to provide medical release, and to upload a photo of their insurance card.

Any registration forms printed off, filled out, and mailed will not be accepted. Any insurance cards mailed to us will not be accepted so please be prepared to upload them when completing the online registration.

A $150 deposit is required for each individual registering. All deposits and registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Both the online registration and a deposit must be made for someone to be considered registered.

A secure online payment option is available. Individuals, families, or congregations may still mail a check to: 2019 FLY Convention, 3110 E Medicine Lake Blvd, Plymouth, MN 55441. However, if paying the deposit by check, it must be postmarked by the posted deadline in order to secure the registration rate.

Payment Control Sheets can be printed and mailed with check payments included.

*Students (ages 12-18) - Note 11 year olds may also attend as students. If your youth group includes 6th graders, then they are welcome to attend. The youngest allowable age are students completing 6th grade the spring of 2019. Graduating high school seniors (Class of 2019) are students by our procedure, since dorm room leaders are expected to be one year beyond high school graduation.

*Children (ages 4-11) must stay with a parent/guardian in family housing; not in the student dorms.

Children 3 years of age and under are free.

Day Passes: $70 per person. Includes meals. Register on site at the FLY Office.

Due to limited seating capacity in the Longhouse, those registered as adults and/or children are expected to attend evening sessions in the overflow location in Assembly Hall. Students, Dorm Room Leaders, and youth workers are required to attend evening sessions in the Longhouse.


For information regarding payments please see our Payments page on our website.


Student & DRL Housing - 4:1 student to DRL ratio
As FLY exists to serve the local congregation, we prioritize placing students together with other
members of their congregation according to the housing requests submitted, as
accommodations allow.

In an effort to best serve and protect all FLY attendees, the FLY Committee has adopted a four to
one student to Dorm Room Leader (DRL) ratio in all student housing.

Congregations with a number of students that is not easily divided into the four to one ratio (i.e. a
congregation with 5 students and one Dorm Room Leader) have the option to submit a housing
request that allows one or two students from the congregation to room with another

Adult & Family Housing (Including staff)
Families will be housed together per information received from the housing request form.

Individual adults will be housed with another individual adult of the same gender. Housing requests can be made using the housing request form.