Evening Speakers

Pastor Ryan Patenaude

Ryan Patenaude is the pastor of West Prairie Free Lutheran in Kindred, ND. He is a father to five kids, a husband to one wife, and care-taker to 13 chickens. He keeps bees, roasts coffee, and likes to build things. He's excited to speak at FLY because God meets man's greatest needs through his Word, and it is a joy to bring the two together.

Pastor Alex Amiot

Pastor Alex Amiot lives with his wife and kids in sunny Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Pastor Alex likes soccer, chess, basketball, and woodworking. He's blessed to serve two congregations: Our Saviour's Lutheran Church and Reiner Lutheran Free Church. I'm excited for FLY because Jesus has restored my hope and drawn me near to Him by the blood of Christ, not because of anything within me. Praise God!

Pastor Micah Hjermstad

Pastor Micah Hjermstad serves as president of the AFLC, headquartered in Plymouth, MN. In his free time, he loves to travel with his wife, play golf, and teach his son sweet tricks. He loves telling people about Jesus, and can't wait to share about how Christ restores and sustains us each and every day. He's looking forward to sharing some verses with you that changed his life as a 16 year old. It's going to be a great week in Colorado!

Pastor Adam Osier

Pastor Adam Osier lives in Maple Grove, MN with his favorite (and only) wife, Courtney, and three children, Jacobi (12) and Kaia (10) and Luther (2).  Since 2019, he has served as the dean of the Free Lutheran Bible College in Plymouth, MN.  He is passionate about the freedom found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and loves to talk with people about it.  He also enjoys hiking, biking, drinking good coffee, binge listening to audiobooks, and eating donuts, though not all at the same time.  He also has two different colored eyes, has slept through both an earthquake and a tornado, and once was greeted by name by the children of a high-ranking government official. But mostly he’s glad to know that he is loved by Jesus through whom he has forgiveness and life that can’t end. He’s excited about the opportunity to speak about that truth at FLY.  

Pastor Phill Hooper

Pastor Phill Hooper lives in Duluth Minnesota. He does Church Maintenance and is a Metaphysicist. He enjoys video production/editing, fencing, odd music, and daydreaming what his hobbies will be when he is out of school. The FLY convention is always a mixture of fun and inspiration—but especially inspiration. We get to go to the mountains to hear about and focus on God, who is mighty like the mountains (El-Shaddai. Look it up), and yet this same God loves us more than we will ever understand; He has a beauty and artistry about Him that goes waaaaay beyond the greatest mountain vistas or sunsets. It’s exciting to be together with so many people who are serious about their faith, and to worship Him with them. It’s an exciting privilege to help point out just one thin slice of who He is, who brings restoration to us and who will one day make all things new.

workshop speakerS

Christopher Yuan

Dr. Christopher Yuan graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2005 and received a master’s in biblical exegesis in 2007 and a doctorate of ministry in 2014. Christopher taught the Bible at Moody Bible Institute for twelve years and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents. He speaks at conferences, on college campuses, and in churches. Dr. Yuan has co-authored with his mother their memoir, Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God, A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope, which has sold over 100,000 copies and is now in eight languages. Dr. Yuan’s newest book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story, was named 2020 Book of the Year for Social Issues by Outreach Magazine.

Walt Mueller

Dr. Walt Mueller is the founder and President of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and has been working with young people and families for over 35 years. As a result of his work with CPYU, Walt has become an internationally-recognized speaker and author on contemporary youth culture. He has written extensively on youth culture and family issues and is the author of 7 books. Walt earned his doctorate at Gordon-Conwell in “Ministry to Postmodern Generations.” Walt has served in ministry with the Coalition for Christian Outreach and as a youth pastor in churches in Johnstown, PA and Philadelphia.

bible study leader

Pastor Eric Rasmussen

Pastor Eric Rasmussen lives in Fergus Falls, MN with his wife Rachel and their 4 children Anna, Samuel, Micah, and Aiden. He is a Pastor at Calvary Free Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls, MN. He enjoys fishing, target shooting, coaching, and spending time at a lake or state park. Eric loves FLY and teaching and he is excited to be the Bible Study Leader for FLY 2023.

Late Hour Artists

Ben fuller

Ben turned to cocaine and alcohol at a young age.In 2017, he abruptly lost his best friend to a heroin overdose and his entire outlook on life shifted. Motivated to change, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a country singer in late 2018. A family Ben was close with invited him to church one Sunday and as he walked the halls into the auditorium filled with 3,000 people, he knew one day he would sing “that kind of music” for the rest of his life. alling face first into his new-found relationship with Jesus, he began writing with a burning desire to share what God did to turn his life around. Today, Ben lives completely sober, while sharing his story filled with hope, mercy and grace.