Evening Speakers

Tiger McLuen
Monday Evening

With 40+ years of ministry experience including being on church staff, an instructor of youth ministry in a variety of academic settings as well as a national speaker and consultant, Tiger McLuen has a unique perspective on changes in ministry, cultures, families and churches. A gifted and popular speaker, Tiger speaks to countless church groups each year. He can captivate an audience of junior highers, youth volunteers, parents and senior pastors -- even if they're all in the same room! Grounded in Scripture, full of humor and personal stories, Tiger brings messages that inspire, entertain, teach and motivate.

Owen Parsley
Tuesday Evening

Owen and his wife Rachel live in Flandreau, South Dakota. They love being uncle and aunt to their 24 nieces and nephews and love to teach them how to give wet willies. He is a social studies teacher at Flandreau High School where he also coaches Cross Country and Throwing for spring track. He is also a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader.

Owen likes old Tooth and Nail bands, popcorn, rummage sales, and the SDSU Jackrabbits. He is always on the prowl for bolo ties, new rap beats, and loves any and every adventure with his wife. Some things that Owen cannot stand are meatloaf and people clapping off beat.

Ryan Patenaude
Wednesday Evening (speaking to the boys)

Ryan is currently a full-time student at the Association Free Lutheran Seminary in Plymouth, MN where he is blessed to live on campus with his wife and 4 kids. His hope is to be a congregational pastor in the AFLC.

He is a jack of all trades with ever-changing hobbies. Currently, he is often found roasting (and drinking) coffee, tending to his worm farm, or attempting to 3D print something.

Kayla Russum
Wednesday Evening (speaking to the girls)

Kayla currently lives in Seattle but her jobs and location change depending on the season. She works as a backpacking guide, Park Ranger, and personal care taker. She is also on the International Disaster Assistance Response Team for Samaritans Purse, and is always ready to deploy for Disaster Response Aid.

She loves international travel, the beautiful USA, National Parks, baseball stadiums, and anything outdoors, - hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and surfing.

Pastor Wade Mobley
Thursday Evening

Pastor Wade Mobley lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife Michelle and their two children Hannah (8) and Benjamin (7). He is the President of Association Free Lutheran Schools (AFLBS, AFLTS).

He enjoys reading, building/designing (woodwork, home improvements), sports (walking/running, biking, golf), eclectic stuff (economics, foreign affairs, philosophy, history).

Pastor Micah Hjermstad
Friday Evening

Pastor Micah Hjermstad is the Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Fargo, ND where he preaches, teaches, visits people, and occasionally engages in Nerf warfare. He enjoys playing golf, eating ice cream, and mowing his lawn. 

Bible Study Leaders

Michelle Olson
Jr. High Bible Study Leader

Michelle is married to her husband, Aaron, and they have three kids (Edell 5, Jerome 3, and new born Olen). They live in Arlington, SD. She is currently unemployed and fills her time by volunteering to raise their three kids. She spent 15+ years working with teenagers, most recently 10 of which were at a church in North Minneapolis and 3 of which were at a school in South Minneapolis.

She enjoys reading books, playing games, especially if/when she wins. Her happy place is spending time with her family. She also loves to be at the beach during the summertime. And if she's crabby it's probably just best to feed her... preferably Chinese food or at least ice cream.

Pastor Luke Long
Sr. High Bible Study Leader

Pastor Luke Long is from Arlington, Washington. He serves at Atonement Free Lutheran Church with the teen evangelism and equipping ministry called "River". He and his wife, Summer, are passionate about The Cause of sharing Christ and multiplying young disciplemakers. He loves cliff jumping, rock climbing, and outdoor adventures with their three boys.

National Artists

Beautiful Eulogy
Wednesday Night LYF

Beautiful Eulogy is a Portland, Oregon-based group made up of artists Braille, Odd Thomas, and Courtland Urbano. The group introduces a distinct and directive sound that's driven by a desire to worship and glorify the God of the Bible, based in the context of its members' hip-hop roots and shaped by influences like electronic music, folk songs, and old hymns.


The Brilliance

We regret to inform you that The Brilliance will not be performing at FLY due to a conflict.
We apologize and are sorry they will not be at FLY. If you have any questions please email fly@aflc.org.

For the Friday evening slot, we are pleased to announce that Katy Dahl has agreed to give a concert. Katy is a talented musician and worship leader in our AFLC family of churches. She recently released her first album, which will be for sale throughout the week at the FLY Canteen.

Katy Dahl
Friday Night LYF

Katy Dahl is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader in Minneapolis, MN. She grew up in northern Minnesota with a passion for music and for the Lord. She is an AFLBS alumni and just finished her B.S. in music ministry at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Katy has been on staff at Living Hope Church in Rogers, MN for four years and enjoys using her gifts to lead others before the throne of God. She just released her first EP of original songs entitled “HOME” and hopes to continue writing and recording music in the future.