The FLY Convention® is pleased to offer online registration. Parents will be asked to sign for permission electronically, to provide medical release, and to upload a photo of their insurance card.

FLY registration is set up in a specific way that prioritizes teens and the church they are attending FLY with. Everyone registered will be registered under a church or an organization, but almost all teens with their church. If at the time of registering, your church is not included in the dropdown list, please select “Other” and fill in your local church’s information. The FLY Registrar will then set up a new line in the dropdown menu for your church. Please review the list carefully including some parish designations before using "Other." Adults and children attending FLY also need to be registered under a church or an organization.

Any registration forms printed off, filled out, and mailed will not be accepted. Any insurance cards mailed to us will not be accepted so please be prepared to upload them when completing the online registration.

A secure online payment option is available. Individuals, families, or congregations may mail a check to: 2023 FLY Convention, 3110 E Medicine Lake Blvd, Plymouth, MN 55441. However, if paying the deposit by check, it must be postmarked by the posted deadline in order to secure the registration rate.

Due to limited seating capacity in the Longhouse, those registered as adults and/or children are expected to attend evening sessions in the overflow location in Assembly Hall. Students, Dorm Room Leaders, and youth workers are required to attend evening sessions in the Longhouse.

Want to come to FLY but aren't sure what registration to fill out? Below you will find the different categories available to register under.

Student - What are the cut off ages for student registration rates?
Because of the variety in local congregations’ approach to youth ministry ages, the basic answer is: “It is determined by your youth group age guidelines.” If your youth group includes 6th graders, then they are welcome to attend. The youngest allowable is completing 6th grade the spring of 2023. Graduating high school seniors (Class of 2023) are students by our procedure, since dorm room leaders are expected to be one year beyond high school graduation.

Adult - Must be 18 years or older to register as an adult.

Child - Ages 0-11, must stay in the same room as parent/guardian. Registration cost for children ages 3 and under is free.

Volunteer Opportunities!
A huge part of how the week of FLY happens is because of the awesome volunteers that help in various ways throughout the week. Without these volunteers, FLY would not be possible. See "Staff" below for more details.

Dorm Room Leaders (DRL) - DRL's must complete the DRL Registration Form found on the website. After registering each applicant goes through an approval process. After being approved each DRL is placed into a room with teens. The room priority on placement is the local congregation relationship first, then the preferences on their form.

Staff -  Staff members are selected by our FLY Coordinators (Formerly Point People). To make yourself available to a Coordinator, please first examine the FLY Volunteer Descriptions. Once you select your area of interest or expertise, you can fill out a Volunteer Request Form. Offering to volunteer is NOT the same as being selected to serve. The selection process of each FLY Staff member is at the discretion of the Coordinator. To register as a staff member, you must be pre-approved by the Coordinator.